Cheat sheet for Home Plumbing and Electrical Fittings

Unlike furniture, drapes and woodwork, plumbing and electrical fittings cannot be changed after a certain phase of construction of your house or even after you have moved in. That’s why we believe it is important for every home owner to keep in mind the following points while finalizing your plumbing and electrical fittings.

Electrical Fittings:

Power Line Points: Ensure all important parts of your house is well supplied with power line sockets to plug in appliances like ACs, refrigerators etc.

Multiple plug points: Make sure every room is provided with multiple plug points aligned to the kind of electrical fittings you have planned for the space.

Plumbing Fittings:

Kitchen Sinks: Keep 2 water inlets for hot and cold water.

The Dishwasher: Should be placed close to the sink with a dedicated inlet and one outlet.

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