Few of The Most Commonly Occurring Problems of the Boiler

Some of the problems that occur are easy and straightforward that every user is familiar with and you do not need any boiler repair service professional. However, there are certain problems that you cannot handle by yourself and you need to get it repaired by only qualified repair professional.

If you are living in UK then the winter is really very chilly and mostly you will find boiler breakdown takes place during this weather. Therefore, often you need to call your boiler service company to provide boiler estimates in UK.

Usually, following are the most commonly occurring problems:

  1. No hot water and heat produced : There are number of reasons for this problem to occur. You can just see and try to trace if you can locate any broken part visually. If you can find them then it is better to tell your service centre so that they will understand the nature of the problem and install heat tracing devices.
  2. Leaking and dripping : This is another very commonly occurring problem of most of the boiler installed at various places. Try to see yourself if you can identify the source of leakage so that you can inform your servicer centre.
  3. Different kinds of noises generated : Mostly, it is due to broken thermocouple. However, there can also be few other reasons too. Your repair professionals can easily identify it.
  4. Lower pressure : Your central heating system may not be effective due to this.
  5. Frozen pipe
  6. Boiler gets switched off by itself
  7. Radiator not getting hot