Types Of Methods Used For Carpet Cleaning

As cleaning is one of the essential processes to ensure the health and well being of the family, equally important is the cleaning of the daily use objects in the house. Especially, in these troubled times of the pandemic of COVID-19 in Florida, cleaning has become even far more essential.

One such object that is a possible storehouse for germs is the carpets in the house. They are probably the most suspected places for great germ infestations. This is why people ask for carpet cleaning services in San Diego.

Here are some of the prominent methods that are used for carpet cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction

This is one of the common techniques. In this technique, hot water at high pressure is used to agitate the fibers of the carpet and then let the dirt dissolve in the carpet. It is also commonly known as Steam Carpet Cleaning. It involves cleaning and rinsing the carpet, respectively using a cleaning solution on a soiled surface.


This concept of cleaning succeeded the process of shampooing carpets which had its own set of disadvantages. Now, encapsulation makes the use of synthetic detergents which then crystallize in their powder form at the time of drying. The particles of dirt that get loosened due to cleaning are encapsulated and captured into the foaming crystals when dried and then these crystals are brushed off or vacuumed further. This leaves the carpet completely cleaned and also provides a deeper cleaning finish to it.