Quick And Reliable Legal Solutions For Tenant Eviction

If you are facing troubles with your tenant in UK, you must seek legal help for fast and reliable solutions.The professionals provide legal services related to residential possession in UK, tenant eviction, rent arrears, lodging and reclaiming tenant deposits, former tenant tracing, and eviction of squatters. As a landlord, if you are facing any of the given issues, legal assistance from Landlord Assist UK provides you immediate solutions.

Easy tenant eviction : Professionals rendering landlord assistance have immense experience in dealing with stubborn tenants. They ensure that the troubling tenants exit from your property without any fuss and chaos. The legal experts also ensure that they leave the property after paying all the dues and do not damage the property. It is a three-stage process that involves notice to tenants, preparation of court papers and attending court sessions, and removal of tenants and change of lock.

Collection of rent arrears : Tenants may trouble landlords in paying rents or any other dues. If you have been politely requesting them to pay and still they are adamant, you definitely need legal help. The legal experts help in recovering the rent arrears from the tenants. Collection of arrears can be done with measures like small claim summons, attachment of earnings, third party debt order, bailiffs execution of goods and charging order.

Former tenant tracing : If the tenants have left your house without paying the dues, the legal experts can trace them for you. There are several sources such as electoral roll, land registry, credit databases, HPI database, DVLA database, birth and marriage records. If the legal experts are unable to trace, they would charge no fee.