Trendy Staircase Designs

Staircases can make your house interiors look amazing as well as expensive. People in London often go for the modern staircases to make their home look beautiful. There are various designs and colors that you can go for based on your house theme. To get gorgeous looking staircases, you can go with the bespoke staircase designs from London as suggested by the professionals. They will help you in selecting the best design that is in trend for your place in your budget.

Various staircase designs to go for

  • Glass staircase – if you want royal looking staircases which can easily blend in your theme, you can go with the glass staircases. You can select thick glass panels for the staircase boundary to get a clear look. Many people go for the granite look on their staircases with glass panels to provide more details and structure to it.
  • Rainbow splash – rainbow splash staircases are very trending nowadays. If you are looking for a unique look, you can go with the rainbow colors in your staircases. In this, each glass panel is arranged according to the rainbow colors. The bright glass staircase makes the entire house beautiful look. With these staircases, your guests will surely be amazed and complement it.
  • Floating staircase – floating staircases are very edgy and classy. If you have a small space you can go with these floating staircases to make your space look big. Each stair is joined separately from the wall which gives it a floating effect